Werner Matthee

Name: Werner Matthee

 Age:    24

 How many years have you been riding?     I have been riding for 9 years now.

Top 5 International riders:   Garrett Reynolds, Denis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Ben Wallace and Kevin Peraza.

 What is your favourite trick? I don’t really have a favourite trick. I like flowing things.

 Describe your perfect spot/setup:  I prefer riding a park setup that flows but also enjoy riding street with my friends.

 Top 3 albums/songs: I like hip hop beats and some trap. Wiz, that type of vibe.

 Top 3 BMX web edits or DVD parts:  Above and Below- Dan Lacey, Markit Zero- Dennis Enarson and Back yard- Pat Casey.

 What do you do when not riding BMX?  I just hang out with my friends or listen to music. Sometimes I go out and party. Anything fun really.

What is your favourite food?  Pizza’s for the win.

Places you want to visit? I would like to go explore Barcelona and the UK.

Free coaster or Cassette? Still running a Cassette now but soon changing over to a Free Coaster.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?  Hopefully I will be travelling a bit overseas. Riding bikes and experiencing new things in life.