Safwaan Cook – AM

Safwaan Cook 1

Name: Safwaan Cook

 Age:    16

 How many years have you been riding?   I have been riding for about a year and 6 months now.

 Top 5 International riders:   Stevie Churchill, Courage Adams, Devon Smillie, Sean Ricany and Garrett Reynolds.

 What is your favourite trick?   Barspins

 Describe your perfect spot/setup:   I enjoy any street setup

 Top 3 albums/songs:   Bliss, Wiz Khalifa lit and Ace Hood on top of the world

Top 3 BMX web edits or DVD parts:   Cult talk is cheap, Home for winter AK and Stevie Churchill role call

 What do you do when not riding BMX?   I just go to School, chill out with friends and listen to music.

What is your favourite food?   Pasta!

Places you want to visit?   UK and Madrid

Free coaster or Cassette?   Cassette for now

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?   Still having fun on my bike, hopefully riding for more brands and becoming Pro if everything works out!

Safwaan 2