Kevin Schnider

Name: Kevin Schnider

 Age:    23

 How many years have you been riding?    I have been riding for 9 years.

 Top 5 International riders:   Chad Osburn, Chase Hawk, Dan Foley, Matt Priest and Bob Manchester

 What is your favourite trick: I love a good Tabletop

Describe your perfect spot/setup:  The T1 Ramp !

 Top 3 albums/songs: At the moment,

Prisoner – The Jezebels

Holy Fire – Foals

We move easy – Welshly Arms

Top 3 BMX web edits or DVD parts: Ruben Alcantara – Etnies Forward, Chase Hawk – bad idea

What do you do when not riding BMX?  Skating, Filming, Hiking

What is your favourite food?  Thai

Places you want to visit? Off to Thailand and Colombia in the next few months.

Free coaster or Cassette? What’s a Free coaster ?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?  Hopefully still riding, definitely filming and ultimately travelling!

Kevin Table