Jason Prins

Jason Prins- Feeble Manual to bar- D'vlle plaza-Pic by Kevin Schnider

Name: Jason Prins

 Age:    19

 How many years have you been riding?     I have been riding for 4 years.

 Top 5 International riders:   Garrett Reynolds all the way.

 What is your favourite trick? My favourite trick right now would definitely be nose manuals.

 Describe your perfect spot/setup:  I try to have fun on just about anything, however I consider myself as a technical street rider, so my perfect spot would most probably be a spot with plenty of manual pads and ledges.

 Top 3 albums/songs: Shortstraw – Good morning, Dan Croll  – From nowhere, Magic – Rude

 Top 3 BMX web edits or DVD parts:  Garret Reynolds’s part from “Deadline”, Corey Martinez’s part from “This is united” ,Dan Lacey’s part from “ Above Below ”

What do you do when not riding BMX?  When I’m not riding , I’m either hang out with my friends or Filming

What is your favourite food?  I love just about anything, except liver.

Places you want to visit?  Barcelona and Istanbul.

Free coaster or Cassette?  Cassette

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?  I see myself being the best I can be as far as bmx-ing and film-making is concerned.