Brandon Blight

Name:  Brandon Blight

Age: 23

Years riding:  7  years +/-

Top 5 International riders:  Simone Barraco, Nico Badet , Matt Roe , Alex Kennedy, Chase Dehart

What is your favourite trick?  540’s and No foot cans

Describe your perfect spot/setup:  My perfect setup would be something with lots of manual pads, bank hips and stairs.

3 Albums you listen to when you go ride:  ASAP MOB, Mac miller, ASAP Ferg

Top 3 BMX web edits or DVD parts:  Nathan Williams in Above Below. Simone Barraco Noster 3 Promo. Chase Dehart in Cult talk is cheap

What do you do when not riding BMX?  Filming, chilling with family, or anything outdoors.

What is your favourite food?  A good pizza. Sometimes salad when I try be healthy haha

Places you would still want to travel to?  I want to go to Spain, America and back to UK again. All amazing places for riding.

Free coaster or Cassette?  Both? I like the feeling of a coaster but feel more solid on a cassette.. So I like to play around between the two.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?  Still riding BMX, Hopefully by then some business ideas I’m working on now will have kicked off by then.  As long as I am healthy and still able to ride my bike, I will be happy.